This is a total smart home management system that allows video monitoring,
home appliances control and detector data checking using a smartphone.

It provides smart home and security services via a smartphone.

You can control various home appliances that use infrared (IR) remote control from anywhere using your smartphone and create different lighting effects through LED lighting from the NECON station. You can receive a variety of detector data including those of the motion detector and the open/close detector in real time through push notifications on your smartphone. You can also check videos through the IP camera.

IP Camera

Home Appliance Control


NECON Lighting

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Motion, Smoke, Temp./Humidity, Window/Door
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Remote Control
You can control smart home appliances easily outside the home as well as inside the home.
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Using your smartphone, you can control the lighting of the lamp from a distance from anywhere.
IP Camera
Experience clear and sharp images
with the HD IP Camera, which moves
up and down, left and right on
your smartphone.
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